Who We Are

from our founder

During my time spent in the fashion industry, I’ve seen the less glamorous side of things - the unsustainable practices, the poor craftsmanship, and the overlooked intricacies. It became evident to me that pieces in the fashion world were losing their value. The lack of high-quality pieces and sustainable choices inspired me to start Dana Bandi, a brand that stands for something more.

Amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, I embarked on a mission to create. With little to no knowledge on how to sew or where to even start, I decided to trust the process. Thread by thread, I handwove fabrics together, carefully crafting pieces made just for me. From that initial spark of inspiration, sketching and selecting of fabrics, I discovered a newfound passion and decided to take it further than just my room. That’s when Dana Bandi began - A philosophy in motion, offering timeless, ethically-made pieces with luxurious fabrics and refined details. 

This brand embodies a journey of self-expression through style, embracing one’s unique figure and individuality in every wear. 

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Dana Bandi isn’t just about fashion; it’s about ethical choices. That’s why, at Dana Bandi, we are meticulous in every step, ensuring both ethical and environmental considerations are met. Dana Bandi is more than a brand. It’s about empowering women, promoting self-love, and being environmentally-conscious.

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